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Prioritize Your Collections Activities

Automate and optimize the collections process and collect more debt.

All The Data That Matters In One Place

Pull data from ERP, Billing, CRM, and other systems to centralize all relevant customer data (invoices, dispute information, POD, claims, tracking info, etc.) in a single place and enrich your customer view. Stay on top of all accounts and all actions required for each account, such as reminders and follow-up actions based on pre-defined strategies and prioritized collector worklists.

Treat Each Debtor In A Unique Way

Different subscribers have different needs and preferences, and they may be at different parts of the debt aging process. That’s why RAID Collections calculates a Collection’s Score for each one - to predict the likelihood of debt payment. This score is based on data such as previous payments history, number of services, debt stage, and other factors. With this score, you can easily sort out good debtors from bad debtors and define a unique collections process for each customer segment.

We Empower You To Create Your Own Strategies, No IT Required

Create custom strategies with different rules, tasks and contact options without IT. RAID Collections comes with an easy-to-use, graphical interface that enables business users to configure their own strategies without coding. Create and adjust as many collection strategies as you need, and as often as your business requires

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Enable Intelligent Worklists And Boost Collector Productivity

RAID Collections identifies the accounts that need to be worked more intensively, flags accounts which require prioritized treatment, and suggests suitable payment agreements or payment promises. This maximizes collector effectiveness and ensures each customer gets a personalized offer for their situation

Negotiate Payment Terms With Your Subscribers

RAID Collections enables the creation of tailored payment agreements or payment promises adjusted to each customer segment. Negotiating limits and conditions can be simulated before being approved and once a customer commits to one of this plans or promises, RAID Collections exchanges information regarding payments with the billing system, so it can also trigger punitive actions according to the configured scenarios in case of lack of adherence to the plans. RAID Collections also integrates with Order Management systems to restore or cut off services.

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Make Informed Decisions

RAID Collections provides you out-of-the-box reports as well as the ability to create customized dashboards, without the need of 3rd party solutions. This allows business users to make data-driven decisions in real-time and to achieve an end-to-end overview of all order-to-cash processes without having to rely on IT support for custom reporting. Collection analysts can drill down into a specific account and invoice to gain an understanding of key metrics and review trends across the entire accounts receivable department and schedule report generation to access data on demand.
This enables managers and decision makers with analytics and reporting for actionable insights to reduce credit risk, improve cash flow, and monitor operational productivity.

Manage Your Agency Relationship With Tighter Control

External Debt Collection Agencies are an important part of the collections process. RAID Collections’ External Collections enables the creation of debt packages and allocation of those packages to external debt collection agencies (DCAs) or other outsourcing teams through user-defined business rules. This interface supports all external DCAs activities, including data transfer, package and commissions queries, registration of payment agreements, reporting, and incentive compensation pay outs associated with performance.
The automation of this process alleviates the possibility for data inaccuracies to arise and lowers agency management expenses.

Benefits of Collections Management

Improve Collection’s Efficiency
Increase productivity by prioritizing collection efforts on those consumers most likely to repay.
Reduce Time to Revenue
Accelerate cash flow with rules-based collections activities, prioritized worklists, and workflows.
Reduce Legal Costs
Reduce costs and streamline processes with a single source provider for all key contact and decisioning elements.

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Increase Efficiency With A Collections Management Solution That Embeds Automation And Workflow Across Collections, Negotiation And External Agencies

Collections Management
Automated delinquency identification and execution of appropriate collections strategies and scenarios.
  • Configurable rule-based collection scenariosm
  • Automation of routine activities
  • Integrated reports and dashboards
Simulation and recommendation of payment agreements according to different customer profiles.
  • Configuration of payment plans or payment promises
  • Monitoring of agreements execution
  • Configurable follow-up actions
External Collections
Allocation of debt packages to external debt collection agencies (DCAs).
  • Creation of debt packages and incentive plans
  • Rule-based distribution of debt packages to DCAs
  • Web interfaces to support DCAs’ activities

Mobileum offers a complete set of tools for debt collection management, assurance and fraud prevention

Subscription Fraud
Combine RAID Collections with a fraud management solution with out-of-the-box controls to prevent acquiring customers who do not intend to pay, or are using false personal information or stolen information to get access to your new services or devices.
Credit Scoring
Credit Scoring is a native module of RAID Collections and it allows you to choose your customers: cut off those who can't and avoid those who are unlikely to pay. It keeps evaluating the scores of the subscribers you decide to keep during their entire lifecycle..
Credit Control
Credit Control monitors credit limits in near real-time and enables you to automate executions of actions according to customer segmentation and risk profile
Collections Analytics & Optimization
Collections Optimization is a service provided by Mobileum Analytics Center, a team of data scientists with global telecom expertise, that transforms data from your operational systems (such as RAID Collections) into insights and recommendations
Professional Services
RAID Collections can be used as an out-of-the-box software or it can be tailored to your specific needs. Our Professional Services team is comprised of experienced and certified project managers that will tailor the product to your exact needs, enabling you to extract maximum value from the product.
Managed Services
Our team lets you focus on the key areas of your business while we take care of the software and daily operations, backed by our extensive telecom expertise and according to agreed SLAs.

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